Stock levels of hCRH in the UK

19 Feb 2024

The Society for Endocrinology have been informed that CRH (Corticorelin human) and GHRH (Somatorelin) are currently not being manufactured due to technical problems with the production line, and that no solution is currently anticipated by the single producer (Ferring Pharmaceuticals) in the short to medium term, according to a statement.

The Society has established there isn’t a large stock of hCRH in the UK. In light of this, and due to the complexities and inaccuracies of making a differential diagnosis of ACTH-dependent Cushing’s syndrome based on other non-invasive testing (dexamethasone testing, desmopressin testing), we encourage members and all endocrinologists to liaise with and make referrals to regional centres at the earliest opportunity when the diagnosis is suspected, so that timely diagnosis may be made, including through the use of bilateral inferior petrosal sinus sampling’.

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