A round up of the latest news stories about hormones
Diabetes linked to increased risk of death after a heart attack
Mediterranean diet intervention may improve peripartum mental health
Afternoon activity may improve diabetes management
Stress hormone associated with cardiovascular disease risk
Diabetes medicine may improve autoimmune disorder outcomes
Weight-loss drug Semaglutide linked to reduced cardiovascular incidences
Shift-work like pattern linked to infertility in mouse study
Vitamin D deficiency may be linked to Long Covid risk
Menopausal hot flashes associated with cardiovascular disease
Scientists create first humanised mouse model for rare genetic disease
Risk of cancer mortality lowered by taking vitamin D daily
Obesity in boyhood associated with infertility in men
Ultra-processed food intake linked to risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Women’s careers and wellbeing negatively impacted by menopause symptoms
History of migraines linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes
Link between obesity and risk of colorectal cancer
Minimal meat and refined grain diet is beneficial for managing diabetes
Endocrine disrupting microplastic linked to infertility and obesity risk
Likelihood of mortality by cancer or heart disease increased by irregular sleep
Increased risk of diabetes and heart disease associated with pregnancy complications
Scientists develop groundbreaking oral capsule for insulin delivery
Link between time restricted eating and quality of gametes
Prenatal depression linked to risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke
Sugary drinks may increase risk of death in patients with diabetes by 29%
Low-carb lifestyle programme may promote diabetes remission
Hypothyroidism not linked to post-Covid-19 hospitalisation health risk
Endometriosis increases likelihood of cardiovascular disease
Bariatric surgery improves outcomes for obese patients at risk of diabetes
Premature menopause may increase dementia risk
Mice study suggests that neural signaling leads to post-diet weight gain
Diabetes distress and HbA1c outcomes improved with CBT
Nutrition identified as a modifiable risk factor in female fertility
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