A round up of the latest news stories about hormones
The UK soft drinks industry levy sees obesity reduced in primary school girls
Endocrine disrupting chemicals adversely impact two generations down in mouse study
Low birth weight and high childhood BMI linked to risk of early age at menarche
Ketogenic diet may have short-term use in treating polycystic ovary syndrome
Increased risk of type 2 diabetes linked to intake of additives-originated nitrites
Scientists develop a new non-invasive method to identify primary aldosteronism
Preoperative chemotherapy for bowel cancer treatment reduces risk of disease returning
Maternal diet and health during pregnancy may impact their children’s neurodevelopment
Potential use of HRT in reducing Alzheimer’s disease risk in some women
Testosterone levels in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome lowered with ibuprofen
Link between teens with good mental health and positive cardiometabolic outcomes
Successful trial sees artificial pancreas manage type 1 diabetes
Study suggests low-carbohydrate diet may help reverse type 2 diabetes
Time-restricted eating (TRE) may have cancer-fighting effects
Success for smart knife point-of-care diagnosis in patients with endometrial cancer
New research finds protective effects of olive oil on maternal-foetal health
Calorific snacks linked to obesity in teenagers
Study projects massive increase in type 2 diabetes among youths by 2060
Scientists find a non-insulin related protein which may advance diabetes treatment
Study suggests that intermittent fasting is successful in reversing type 2 diabetes
Omega-3 rich Walnuts could help combat academic related stress
Modifiable risk factors identified for patients with chronic pancreatitis at risk of diabetes
Link identified between visceral fat and risk of preeclampsia
Study finds Vitamin D ineffective in treating statin-associated muscle symptoms
Prepubertal patients with thyroid carcinoma more likely to present with advanced disease
Favourable outcome in patients with type 2 diabetes observed from vegan and low-calorie diets
Obesity poses a major risk for liver disease in children
New target identified for treating endocrine-resistant breast cancer
Strong genetic risk for type 2 diabetes discovered
Drug mimics the health benefits of exercise

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