A round up of the latest news stories about hormones
Type 2 diabetes risk may be reduced with fast walking
Pomegranate consumption linked to prevention of metabolic disorders
Beneficial glycemic outcomes in pregnant women relies on consistent use of CGM
Diabetes associated with amino acids found in meat and dairy
NICE guidance recommends therapy alongside HRT for menopause
New test uses urine samples and AI to detect hypertension
People with obesity develop different circadian calorie-burning cycles
Risk of cancer and diabetes associated with ultra-processed food consumption
Prediabetes improved with new NHS lifestyle scheme
Lower BMI and waist circumference linked to morning exercise, study suggests
Diabetes risk and insulin resistance in women is increased with poor sleep quality
Genetic and socioeconomic difference observed in obesity risk
High BMI among men linked to site-specific malignancies
High salt intake associated with type 2 diabetes
High insulin causal to pancreatic cancer, mouse study suggests
Lower sperm concentration correlated to frequent mobile phone use
Neuroblastoma drug may be repurposed to treat diabetes
Fertility treatment improved with new artificial intelligence model
Combining medicine and therapeutic lifestyle change is key to managing PCOS
Irritable bowel syndrome diagnosis linked to endometriosis
Preventing diabetes complications may improve outcomes for colorectal cancer
Menopause study finds increase in post-reproductive lifespan in chimpanzees
Type 1 and 2 diabetes could be treated with eye implant
Prenatal exposure to EDCs linked to high BMI in childhood
Fertility issues may be associated with low anti-Müllerian hormone levels
Consistent poor sleep increases risk of depression
Night-shift style ‘jet-lag’ linked to weight gain in mouse study
Polycystic ovarian syndrome may be a genetic risk factor for obesity
Adults with depression have increased risk of cardiovascular disease
Diabetes screenings at A&E could diagnose thousands
Covid associated with long-term cardiovascular risk
Prediabetes may be reversed by reducing abdominal fat
Obesity may increase menopausal symptoms
Low vitamin D levels linked to risk of cardiovascular events
Tirzepatide associated with better outcomes for diabetes than Semaglutide
Smoking during pregnancy sees preterm birth risk rise threefold
Ramadan fasting is associated with improved gut microbiota
Bionic pancreas trial results in positive outcomes in patients with diabetes
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease risk may be reduced with dietary adjustments
Increased kisspeptin levels associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome
Study reveals link between 'forever chemicals' in everyday products and later puberty
Link between premenopausal bilateral oophorectomy and chronic illness
COVID-19 vaccination associated with risk of thyroid associated eye disease
Breakthrough AI system may improve treatment of debilitating diseases
Hydrocortisone Sodium Phosphate Solution for Injection available on prescription

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