A round up of the latest news stories about hormones
Drinking tea associated with a lower risk of diabetes
Video-based programme successful in treating children with obesity
Excessive blue light exposure linked to earlier puberty onset in rat model
Hydrocortisone treatment for CAH may not need to increase with body weight
Rebound weight gain in children with obesity linked to disconnect between brain and gut
Lower levels of psoriasin in people with diabetes increases risk of UTIs
Marked increase in girls diagnosed with precocious puberty during the pandemic
Stress-induced psychiatric disorders may be more likely in teens with type 1 diabetes
Gene discovered which may hold the key to treating endometrial cancer
Lower risk of death in prediabetes and diabetes by increasing daily steps
Two distinct obesity subtypes identified by researchers
Exercise decreases breast cancer risk
Hypogonadism linked to poorer COVID-19 outcomes
Neonatal ketone body levels linked to longevity of ovarian function
Success for male contraceptive pill in clinical trials
Increasing prevalence of women experiencing hot flushes during menopause
Prostate cancer drugs linked to increased risk of metabolic and cardiovascular issues
Better glucose control prevents cognitive damage in teens with type 1 diabetes
Glaucoma may be predicted earlier in patients with early onset diabetes or hypertension
Higher DHEAS levels associated with earlier puberty in girls
Increased risk of pancreatic cancer linked with abdominal obesity
PCOS diagnosis linked to negative wellbeing in women
Notable rise in type 2 diabetes among young people may be associated with Covid-19
Artificial sweeteners linked to glucose intolerance in healthy adults
New research identifies a link between adolescent weight gain and dental biorhythm
Changing the diagnosis of gestational diabetes may reduce harm for mothers and babies
High levels of chemokine associated with greater risk of osteoporotic hip fractures in men
Sex differences in the link between obesity and primary aldosteronism
Elucidation of signalling cascade linked to adrenal cancer
Short bouts of walking may improve gut hormone responses after meals
Testosterone can promote prosocial behaviours depending on social context
Neuroendocrine targets may be more effective for managing PCOS
Weight shaming leads to patients missing medical appointments
Withdrawal of antithyroid drugs in pregnancy may cause rebound hyperthyroidism
High levels of prostasin may increase diabetes and cancer risk
Chronic inflammation linked to vitamin D deficiency
Potential use of cannabis to treat symptoms of menopause
Aldosterone excess linked to chronic kidney disease
World’s first synthetic embryo created
Premature menopause may increase likelihood of heart problems
Link between higher insulin dose and increased risk of cancer among patients with type 1 diabetes
UK’s draft guideline for transgender care is published
Vitamin K2-rich diet may reduce osteoporosis risk
Potential inhibitory effects of cold exposure on brown-fat-mediated tumours
Cohort study indicates a link between endometriosis and increased stroke risk
Potential preventative effect of resistant starch in patients with Lynch Syndrome
Risk of breast cancer increased for infertile men, a new study suggests
EZH2 inhibition could be the key in treating Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
Marked increase in healthy weight children on diets in England
Possible new treatment to prevent type 1 diabetes
Changes in menstrual cycles linked to COVID-19 vaccination
Non-invasive method developed to detect adrenal adenomas
Mouse study indicates that triptans could be used to treat obesity
Protein may be alternative anti-inflammatory treatment for people with diabetes

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