Endocrinology journals available for European library

17 Sep 2008

Professor Josef Köhrle from the Charité University in Berlin needs to scale down his institute library, and wonders whether there may be a library in Europe interested in a number of complete sets of journals, the volumes available are: Biology of Reproduction 1969-2000, Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 1949-2001, Diabetologia 1965-2006, Acta Endocrinologia, European Journal of Endocrinology 1948-1984, Hormone and Metabolic Research 1969-1984, JCEM 1952-1978, Journal Clinical Endocrinology 1941-1951, Journal of Endocrinology 1953-1979, Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 1965-1979, Steroids 1968-1980, BBA 1953-1966. The volumes will be free of charge but transport from Berlin to the new location will need to be paid for. If you are interested in receiving any of these volumes, or if you have any questions, please contact Professor Köhrle as soon as possible at: josef.koehrle@charite.de.