A round up of the latest news stories about hormones
Pituitary gland aging may be prevented in mice
MP's urge UK Government to make menopausal HRT free
Poor health may lower antibody response to COVID-19 vaccine
Fibre and milk may improve metabolic health in type 2 diabetes
Dr Abd Tahrani quoted in BBC News obesity article
Diabetes drug may help treat COVID-19
Childhood obesity may be associated with brain alterations
New non-hormonal form of birth control approved by FDA
Long reproductive years may increase thyroid cancer risk in women
Placental hormones may help detect pregnancy disorders
Alcohol consumption during the menstrual cycle may reduce chances of conceiving
Consuming fruit daily may lower the risk of diabetes
Professor Stephen O’Rahilly talks about obesity gene on BBC Inside Science
You & Your Hormones awarded Association for Science Education certification
Content Editor vacancies for You and Your Hormones
Apply for the International Prize for Scientific Research Arrigo Recordati 2022
Early menopause may increase risk of stroke
Vitamin D may not protect from COVID-19
Vitamin D deficiency and high BMI may be associated with acne
New test may help women better understand their hormone cycles
Childhood obesity rates in Northern Ireland becoming major health concern
Self-isolation may cause mental and physical decline for people with endocrine disorders
Obesity may increase risk of long-term COVID-19
Severity of COVID-19 linked to low testosterone in men
Psychological impact of social isolation during lockdowns could have long-term adverse effects on health
ESPE launches new webinar series
Running is best exercise for building strong bones
Testosterone treatment may decrease the risk of liver disease in men with obesity
Study reports that PCOS increases risk of COVID-19 infection
Ketogenic diet linked to improved glucose control and testicular function in overweight men
Gestational diabetes is associated with an increased risk of women developing type 2 diabetes in the future
The endocrine system is strongly involved in COVID-19 severity
Body clock disruptions caused by shift working may increase the risk of irregular periods and endometriosis
Autism may be associated with a reduction in oxytocin
Sardines may reduce risk of type 2 diabetes
New androgen research may improve treatments for cancer
Diabetes medication may improve asthma symptoms
ESE statement suggests the endocrine system is strongly involved in COVID-19 severity
Chair and Head of King's College Department of Diabetes vacancy
Transgender hormone therapy no longer available to Swedish kids
Vacancy for a Consultant Physician, sub specialty endocrinology in New Zealand
48th BSPED Annual Meeting - BSPED 2021
Research and Innovation Awards 2021 – applications open
BSPED Paediatric Endocrine and Diabetes Nurse and Allied Health Professionals Award 2021 – applications open
Chaperone guidelines and documentation for intimate examinations
New Evorel Patches patient information leaflet
2021 is your Society's 75th anniversary - help us celebrate!
CAH Science Symposium: open for registration
Updates from the International Society of Endocrinology
Revised NICE guidelines re DKA
Paediatric Steroid Treatment Card for Adrenal Insufficiency
BSPED trial results published
ESPE COVID-19 Hub launched
Bioscientifica Trust launches COVID response fund
Bringing endocrinology to life in video

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