A round up of the latest news stories about hormones
Comparison of thyroxine administration method for treating hypothyroidism
Surgery reduces fracture risk in hyperparathyroidism
Bad sleep quality impairs blood glucose control
John Maddox prize winner slams poor research for undermining trust
New stem cell implant may cure type 1 diabetes in the future
Food for thought: BMJ link – continuity of care in diabetes
BSPED 2022 48th Annual Meeting, Belfast
New strategy to boost diversity in clinical trials
Progesterone can prevent miscarriage in women with a higher risk
Stress hormones impair immunity and increase the risk of inflammatory gut conditions
Lower intensity activity improves metabolism in postmenopausal women
Conference Producer vacancies at Bioscientifica
Weekly growth hormone treatment for children approved by European Medicines Agency
Diabetes patients more likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction
Significant increase in childhood obesity linked to COVID-19 pandemic
Thyroid cancer and high cholesterol linked to cardiovascular disease
Obesity drug may improve wound healing in diabetics
Dexamethasone effectively reduces COVID-19 deaths despite diabetes concerns
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia management impacts need for growth therapy
Results of phase 2 trial of acromegaly treatment released
GrowthMonitor mobile phone app to improve children’s health
COVID-19 has negatively impacted women’s reproductive health
Genetic sequencing may lead to improved treatment for childhood cancer
Hypothalamic receptor involved in regulating growth and puberty
Metformin can be effective treatment for brain tumours
Unexpected positive results from long-term osteoporosis study
Type 2 diabetes remission possible for up to 1 in 20 patients
PhD vacancy: Developing a novel technology for the investigation of tissue-level thyroid and sex hormone dynamics in humans
PhD vacancy: How are sex differences controlled? The case of the human fetal clitoris and penis.
New Benefactor Resource Library
2021 Student Video Award winners announced
You & Your Hormones awarded Association for Science Education certification
ESPE launches new webinar series
2021 is your Society's 75th anniversary - help us celebrate!
Updates from the International Society of Endocrinology
Revised NICE guidelines re DKA

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