A round up of the latest news stories about hormones
Increased risk of death in transgender people partly due to hormone therapy
Boys exposed to low androgens during gestation more likely to be gender non-conforming
Link between subclinical thyroid problems and cognitive deficits questioned
High levels of stress hormones lead to cardiovascular disease
Statement on remission of type 2 diabetes issued
Exercise mediated weight loss more difficult for obese people
Low muscle mass in arms and legs may be best predictor for osteoporosis in menopause
New cardiovascular disease drug approved for use in UK
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals detected at high levels inside homes and schools
Occupational anxiety raises stroke and heart attack risk
Growth hormone blocker safe for acromegaly treatment
Pancreatic peptides implicated in link between migraines and diabetes
Melatonin may improve insulin resistance
Bowel cancer risk increased by having an overweight mother
American Academy of Pediatrics U-turns on gender dysphoria
Portugal prohibits unhealthy food from schools
Rhythm Pharmaceuticals will present clinical trial data at ESPE 2021
Apply to join The Endocrinologist team
Menstrual cycle affects lung function in cystic fibrosis
Senior endocrinologist vacancies on the UKNEQAS Specialist Advisory Group panel
2021 Student Video Award winners announced
You & Your Hormones awarded Association for Science Education certification
Content Editor vacancies for You and Your Hormones
ESPE launches new webinar series
48th BSPED Annual Meeting - BSPED 2021
2021 is your Society's 75th anniversary - help us celebrate!
CAH Science Symposium: open for registration
Updates from the International Society of Endocrinology
Revised NICE guidelines re DKA
Paediatric Steroid Treatment Card for Adrenal Insufficiency
BSPED trial results published
ESPE COVID-19 Hub launched

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