Outreach opportunities for schools

Tap into our network of doctors, nurses and scientists and give your students the opportunity to meet a STEM professional and discover the fascinating world of hormones.

Sign up to our ‘Meet The Endocrinologist’ programme

The Society for Endocrinology offer schools a unique opportunity where their students can virtually meet professional endocrinologists from the comfort of their classrooms. Our endocrinologists deliver bespoke talks that aim to broaden students’ awareness of different careers and spark an interest in the fascinating world of hormones.

Bespoke talks include:

  • Career-focused talks i.e. find out what it takes to become a doctor, what life is like as a nurse or how to navigate university as a scientist and much more.
  • Curriculum-linked endocrine-themed talks such as the ins and outs of sugar control, how understanding homeostasis underpins the everyday work of an endocrine doctor to the intricate biology of the menstrual cycle.
  • Extra-curricular endocrine-themed talks where students can increase their science capital and get a taste for exciting new fields of science. Our network of professionals can bring to life a multitude of interesting subjects showcasing how important hormones are to our everyday lives.

Sign up today and we will get in touch with you to find out what type of talk best suits your students.

For any other outreach queries, contact us at engagement@endocrinology.org