Editorial policy

You & Your Hormones is committed to providing scientifically accurate, evidence-based information on hormones and hormone-related conditions.  To achieve this, we carry out the editorial policy outlined below.  All scientific and medical information on the website is provided by scientists and medical doctors who are specialised in the discipline.  The development and review of material for the website is overseen by the website’s editorial board at all stages and queries in the production line are referred to them for comment.

Scope of website

The scope of the content contained on the website is reviewed at twice yearly meetings of the website editorial board.  Here, the editorial board discusses whether there is a need to commission new articles based on:

  • Current issues in endocrinology
  • Areas which have previously been identified as requiring further information
  • Areas where we have an expert volunteering to contribute information
  • Areas where new guidance has been issued
  • Feedback from site users

They also discuss whether there is a need to review any articles ahead of schedule due to updates in guidelines etc.

Development of articles

Authors for articles are identified via the following routes:

  1. An endocrinologist has volunteered to contribute to the website.  To be validated as suitable to contribute to the website, they must provide information on their current job position and evidence that their area of research overlaps with the article in question.
  2. We identify and approach an expert in the designated field and ask them to contribute an article.

All authors are provided with a template for each article containing specific questions which they must answer, as well as guidelines on style of writing etc.  They are also asked to provide suggestions for articles and external websites which may be of interest to the reader. The articles are then returned to the website editor who will edit the articles to ensure that they conform to house style (e.g. grammar, plain English).  Any alterations made by the web editor are reviewed and signed off by the author.

The second draft of the document is then sent to a minimum of two external reviewers who are qualified in the relevant area.  Reviewers are provided with detailed guidance on the input required from them.  Reviewers’ comments are then passed back to the website editor to bring together and implement as appropriate.  Any discrepancy between reviewers’ comments is referred to the editorial board for their opinion.  The website editor will also carry out proof reading of the articles.

The Society’s Public & Media Relations Officer carries out a final review of the articles before they are uploaded onto the website.  If any concerns arise at this stage, the article is referred to the editorial board for comment.

Review of existing content

You & Your Hormones is committed to providing up to date and accurate scientific and medical information.  To ensure that this is the case, all articles on the website are reviewed by external reviewers a minimum of once every two years.  The website group also monitors the scientific literature and will request that articles are reviewed sooner than this if new findings or guidelines become available.  All articles will be reviewed by a minimum of two suitably qualified endocrinologists. 

In addition, all articles will be checked by the Society for Endocrinology's Public & Media Relations team a minimum of once every six months to ensure that all links within the articles are working.

News section

The news section is run by the Society for Endocrinology’s Public & Media Relations team. Stories are selected depending on the level of press coverage of a particular topic and will remain on this site for a maximum time of one month after publication.